My grading system consists of three grades.

1. Flash grade. One lightning stamp.

Applicable for both, smooth and blasted pipes. It is the first grade in my system. This grade will be applicable for pipes with nice grains and blast, with or without decorations. It definitely a good smokers, let say, reliable “working horses” of a pipe smoker. Even being a hardworkers, these pipes will have their own individuality and beauty. Needless to say that it will be made with the same quality and craftsmanship approach as for other grades. 


2. Double Flash grade. Two lightning stamp.

This grade is also applicable both for smooth and blasted pipes. For smooth pipes it applicable for ones with very good grains and/or with very interesting, unusual and very impressive bamboo. These pipes consumed a lot of time and result matching efforts. You need to understand that working time spent is important, but not main factor, taking into consideration, to apply this grade. Overall result is the main trigger. Double Flash grade is also applicable for some blasted pipes. Generally, I do not consider blasted finish as of lower quality, comparing to smooth one. Blasting — is absolutely all-sufficient finish, and quite often I am planning pipe especially for blasted finish, as consider it will underline best from shape and material. In my humble opinion, there are no difference in finishing techniques, matters quality and result.


3. Grand Flash grade. Three lightning stamp.

Only some very exclusive pipes will get this grading. Only pipes with excellent shape, outstanding grains, extraordinary bamboo, great craftsmanship and technically complicated ones may deserve this grading. I afraid, only few will get it during a year. It is my highest grade and decision to apply it will be made with no discounts and excuses to, even, minor deficiencies.


Any of the pipes, bearing any of the above grades may be decorated with my signature polymer materials, various metals, bones and so on. Pipes could be made with combined finishes and with all spectrum of technics. You need to understand, that qualitywise there are no first or second class pipes — same approach to any pipe coming from my workshop. I am proud with every pipe «flying my flag». 

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